Film Festival

Please join us for Haadd's Film Festival & Discussion

My Word 

Documentaries by and about Adults with Autism

Saturday, May 7, 2011
7-10 pm

The National Film Board Mediatheque
50 John Street, Toronto

suggested donation $5-15   -   wheelchair accessible  -  parking available

In Our Own Words:
Gardening enjoyed by Andrew and Leah

Through our film we want to share our thoughts and ideas on how we live in this world.  This film will open your mind to different ways to communicate and if you listen you will enjoy.  We can be misunderstood if people don’t listen.
Andrew Bloomfield
Runs 23 minutes

Travels with My Brother
Travels with My Brother

This short, live action/animated documentary (using computer 2-D cut-out elements) explores the relationship between Vas, a high-functioning autistic man, and his older sister, Christine.  Christine will support Vas throughout his life.  through a series of interconnected conversations on love, family, humour, art, desire and destiny, the film unearths Vas' unique perception of the world and how he copes with the 'realities' within and outside him.  At the heart of this story is a sister's attempt to crack the enigma that is her brother as she forges a way to their shared future.  
Runs 15 minutes
Now’t as Queer as Folk
Now't as Queer as Folk

This personal documentary is a fast-paced, stream of consciousness insight into the day-to-day journey of a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. Now’t As Queer As Folk  is northern English slang for ‘There isn’t anything as strange as people’ (roughly translated); it is a reference to the fact that people are all different. Joe has his own labeled set of difficulties, but we are all strange or different in some way; it just happens that some people have labels and some do not.
Runs 4 minutes

just because

Aaron is a bright young man with autism who demonstrates the value of thinking outside the box.  Many people with autism want to be part of the group, but sometimes solitude is easier.  just because invites you to welcome and respect those of us who are different, for our knowledge and abilities.
Runs 16 minutes

 We hope you'll join us
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